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All graduates are requested to fill up this online questionnaire and your institution may require you to produce a printed online survey slip for picking up your convocation robe.

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Warmest congratulations to all graduates
You have walked a long way toward this goal but you have successfully managed. Well done! Now you can steer yourself in any direction you choose. We send you best wishes for a successful career ahead! Read More..
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..We must remember that the world we live in is constantly changing and the challenges we face are many. For this reason we must be on the alert and we must take the necessary steps to ensure that the national education system is ever relevant and that the graduates from the institutions of higher learning in this country are of high quality. With this in mind, this survey is carried out every year to get the perceptions and opinions of every graduating student from all the institutions of higher learning in the country on their experiences while they were still studying.
Based on the valuable feed back that you will be providing through this research, the Ministry as well as your own institution will get a more accurate picture of your learning environment. This in turn will help us to identify weaknesses that could be remedied in a more strategic manner.
The Ministry as well as your University values the sincere and accurate feedback that you will be providing us. The Ministry also hopes that all of you will continue to assist us in the future in providing your opinion through follow-up questionnaires which we hope will help to build a workforce of greater caliber that can assist in the progress of the country. I would like again to wish you success in your future undertakings.

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